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Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900, 7th Edition

By George S. Cuhaj & Thomas Michael

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All mint-issue coins of the world from 1801 to 1900, including tokens, patterns, sets, etc., fully illustrated and offering the most up-to-date pricing in 5 grades. The 19th century produced some of the most popular classic coinage in world monetary history. In the past three years, thousands of these numismatic treasures have appeared in high-profile auctions worldwide, bring record prices and driving the demand for more.


• 100 years of world monetary history portrayed in coins from every nation existing during the 19th century
• Completely analyzed and updated pricing • Fully illustrated with hundreds of improved or new images
• Expanded descriptions for obverse and reverse sides to aid the collector in proper identification of coins

This book is for the beginner to the expert interested in world coins. This is must for dealers, researchers and investors throughout the world. This catalog represents the only English language authoritative reference for the entire world in one volume and appeals to the value-conscious.

About the Author:

George Cuhaj is an experienced and accomplished numismatist and researcher. George is a collector with a passion for this hobby, as well as several others. George, a former cataloger for both Stack's Auction House in New York and the American Numismatic Society offers a wealth of knowledge to the KP line. George continues to develop his network of over 175 dedicated contributors.

Tom Michael has performed in-depth price analysis for the KP numismatic book line for nearly 21 years. He travels across the nation and most recently, to Berlin, Germany, to connect his network of collectors and dealers, to create the most accurate database of world coin market values.

Word on the Street...

"The world's biggest guide to coins of 1801-1900 has returned for a seventh sensational season. It is always hard to find the right words to describe this exceptional volume, but every year it gets better." George S. Cuhaj and Thomas Michael continue to provide the most comprehensive guides, as you view coins minted long before all of us were born. Whether you collect coins, or are just curious about them, Standard Catalog of World Coins continues to be the only book you ever need when it comes to the values of older coins." - Paul Sutter, Editor, Shelf Life


Author/Speaker/Editor George S. Cuhaj & Thomas Michael
ISBN 13 9781440230851
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Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900, 7th Edition CD

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