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Standard Catalog of German Coins: Stralsund (Download)

By George S. Cuhaj

Format: Download

SKU# Z9411

Pricing and Photos of Stralsund German coins

This is an electronic PDF file you download to your Mac or personal computer.

Use this downloadable PDF file to identify and determine the value of German coins from Stralsund. This affordable price list is the Stralsund section of the popular Standard Catalog of German Coins, complete with:

  • Photos and illustrations of coins
  • Details about obverse and reverse images on each coin
  • Date of issue and mintage (when know)
  • Value in up to five condition grades

This downloadable file is compatible with Mac and PCs, and requires Adobe Reader to be viewed.

SKU Z9411
Author/Speaker/Editor George S. Cuhaj
File Type PDF
Format Download

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