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Numismatic News Magazine One Year Subscription - U.S.

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Keep the world of U.S. coin collecting right at your fingertips with each issue of Numismatic News! It's your premier connection to the latest hobby updates, award-winning articles, an active buy/sell marketplace and a complete U.S. coin retail price guide in the Coin Market, which appears in the first issue of each month. In fact, you'll find every issue of Numismatic News packed with all the facts, values and features you'd expect from the longtime leader in the U.S. coin hobby!

Get a full year of Numismatic News (40 issues) plus 12 monthly digital Express issues delivered to your inbox.

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You can cancel anytime, for any reason, no questions asked, and receive a prompt refund for any unserved issues.

Format U.S. Magazine Subscription

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Customer Reviews

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poor quality, less content, fewer issues Review by Chris

I have been a subscriber to various numismatic publications, including this one, on and off since 1984. Thirty years ago you got 52 issues a year and a FREE 25 word ad in each issue. Because of those free ads, hundreds of collectors bought and sold excess coins from each other. The content was fresh each week. You had a robust letters to the editor section. Dozens of coin shows were listed and the classified section was usually 10 to 15 pages long. Oh, the size of the paper was nearly twice as large as now, and usually 100 pages or more. In 2007 or 2008, a survey was sent to "select" customers asking how to improve content. The editors and staff must have taken every bad idea and used it to create what we have today. A smaller, stale version. Fewer classified ads categories, no free ads, tired content (with two pages of mint statistics). Then to further insult customers, a year ago they cut 12 issues and replaced them with a digital edition. The subscription price also rose. I don't necessarily want the "good old days" back, but I do want a quality numismatic publication and classified ads that include more than one dealer. My subscription expires soon, I'm not sure I will renew. It isn't what I received 30 years ago, 10 years ago and the most recent cut might have been the final straw.

(Posted on 9/14/2014)

Pleased 100% with Numismatic News Review by bill

In this collecting field, there are few weekly newspapers that are actually affordable for the coin collector. Look around. I was a subscriber to the other weekly and I am glad I've elected to pass on it and subscribe to Numismatic News.

I am pleased with the coverage of the weekly goings on in the numismatic field as well as the coin values also. I like the articles thus far and one of these days, I plan to submit an article or two,if chosen of course. Dave Harper and his staff and F+W Media does an excellent job and I'll tell you how much is is to get a weekly coin newspaper instead of emails for a change.

(Posted on 7/23/2013)

same every week Review by One Leg

I've been an avid reader of the Numismatic News for 7 years and have 3 years still coming. I hate to say this but there are not the informational articles that you did have. You seem to start out strong then all the same, dealers which I have brought from and I don't want ,, Like, and think companies that sell cleaned coins should be allowed to place ads in the News!!! Then there are companies that claim to sell wholesale or have dealer pricing but they never come through. I have written to you several times when you ask questions that interest me and you have printed what I said several times which is fun and seeing the up coming shows is good the rest is the same each week. I did read each article years ago now I am done with the News in just minutes. Sorry SOMETHING IS MISSING, MAYBE SOME NEW WRITERS.

(Posted on 12/11/2012)

Lost everything I wanted Review by Disappointed

When they reduced the Numismatic News they got rid of most of the items I bought it for. That's why I let my subscription lapse after many years

(Posted on 9/30/2012)

Disappointing Review by Alan G

This is certainly not the Numismatic News that I remember from some years ago. There is virtually NO content except for ads and very little worth reading. I use it now only to check if there are any local coin shows and a few coin value columns (which I can get for free online). Everything else is ads and fluff. A big disappointment.

(Posted on 1/31/2011)

5 Item(s)

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