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Coin Collecting 101

The Basics of Coin Collecting

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Want to build an impressive coin collection but don’t know where to even start? You’ve come to the right place, because Coin Collecting 101 is for you. The premier course in the Numismatic University system, Coin Collecting 101 is here to teach you the best practices to help you focus your efforts in building a coin collection. We’ll cover the equipment you need, the best ways to assemble a collection, and numismatic resources available to help you construct your collection. Along the way, you’ll also learn the terminology that the coin collectors and the coin market use to describe certain coins. So take those first few steps into this exciting hobby and developing your own collection by taking this course.

In this workshop, you’ll:

•  Learn about both ancient and modern day minting processes
•  Learn about the standard coin collector equipment
•  Learn how to handle, research, store, and secure your collection
•  Learn how to identify coin devices and denominations
•  Learn how to buy and sell coins smartly
•  Learn about getting involved with coin collecting clubs
•  Have access to a glossary defining many numismatic terms and phrases

Who should take this workshop:

•  Beginner coin collectors interested in U.S. coins
•  Beginner coin collectors still looking for a focus on what coins to collect
•  Coin collectors coming back to the hobby
•  Those that inherited a coin collection and want to become a collector themselves

Workshop outline:

LESSON 1: Coin Collecting Practices, Equipment, and Security
LESSON 2: U.S. Coin Devices, Denominations, and Types
LESSON 3: Coin Grading, Pricing, and Collector Involvement
LESSON 4: Coin Buying, Selling, Dealing, and Legal Matters

These workshops are self-guided, “offline” courses. You receive a curriculum and supplemental materials, but you do the work completely on your own, making them an ideal choice for students who truly want to work at their own pace.

In contrast to our online workshops and seminars, where class is “in session” for a specified period of time, there’s no set time line for an independent study class. You could approach it as an intensive crash course, pick it up on weekends over several months, or whatever works best for you.

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