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A Guide & Checklist - World Notgeld 1914-1947 (CD)

By Courtney L. Coffing

Format: CD

SKU# W8614

Notgeld - the emergency money issued during wartime and crises - is a highly popular collectible.

This comprehensive guide contains the most up-to-date information and largest collection of photographed Notgeld in a worldwide reference.

Features of this CD:

  • Compatible with Mac or Pc
  • Enlarge images 400%
  • More than 1,400 photos
  • 13,000 entries listed by both city and country
  • Rarity grades for all listings and photographed notes
  • Encompasses 60 countries
  • Coverage of metal, paper and cloth materials
  • Step-by-step User's Guide

SKU W8614
Author/Speaker/Editor Courtney L. Coffing
Format CD
ISBN 13 9781440230240

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Customer Reviews

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Don't Buy This - Not Recommended - An Almost Total Waste of Money Review by Pertinax

The only worthwhile bit is the introduction of less than 3 pages. It's hard to understand in a few places as if it had been translated (perhaps from German) by someone with poor knowledge of English.

The listings comprise a number of rows on each page, each row has a locality name and a number of columns with 2 character codes, for example NO 1A 9A. There's nothing to indicate what these codes mean, or what year or period the note was issued, its denomination, its colour, its size, or what material it's made of and there's nothing to link it to a picture unless there's a unique 2 character code. The letters might mean rarity as there's a key in the introduction for the letters A to E but without knowing the rest of the details, it's completely useless.

Quite frankly, I'm appalled and disgusted that I've wasted money on this.
It'll make me think hard about ever buying anything from this author or publisher again.
I can't see why no-one has complained before (or perhaps they have and it's been suppressed).

I'd like to award negative 500 stars, or even zero stars but that's not possible so I've picked 1 star.

(Posted on 3/21/2014)

Great item, but international shipping costs kill the fun :-( Review by Jersey

I am a great fan of numismatic catalogs by F+W, especially their e-versions, which come in as a very handy portable reference when traveling. Both standard catalogs and specialized editions are superbly prepared items, both from editorial and content point of view. Though when it comes to calculating shipping costs for locations outside the US, I often have to refrain from ordering, as per item+per shipment formula may well exceed the net value of a purchase. Also, I am missing all the promotions with reduced or zero shipping cost - all of them are applicable for the US-based customers only, If not for that, I would give it a 5-star rating.

(Posted on 1/8/2014)

2 Item(s)

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